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Doradztwo biznesowe i rozwój projektów technologicznych - Business consulting & development of technology projects
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Od 1995 roku - Since 1995 - Depuis 1995

Obecny w Polsce od 1995 roku, AIMS specjalizuje się w Doradztwie Biznesowym i Strategicznym (Management Consulting). Wśród swoich klientów ma zarówno renomowane korporacje międzynarodowe, jak i zagraniczne firmy rodzinne. Od 2017 roku AIMS rozszerzył pole swojego działania o rozwój i zarządzanie projektami hi-tech, przynoszącymi całkowicie nowe rozwiązania technologiczne najważniejszym aktualnym wyzwaniom środowiskowym (zanieczyszczenie powietrza, utylizacja odpadów), w tym mającej właśnie miejsce rewolucji energetycznej (energia odnawialna, mobilność elektryczna i hybrydowa, paliwa alternatywne). Kontakt:

Present in Poland since 1995, AIMS is specializing in Management Consulting and Strategy Consulting. Among its clients are well known international corporations, as well as foreign family firms. Since 2017 AIMS has extended its activities into development and management of hi-tech projects, bringing completely new technology solutions to the most important current environmental challenges (air pollution, waste utilization), including the ongoing energy revolution (renewable energy, electric and hybrid mobility, alternative fuels). Contact:

Présent en Pologne depuis 1995, AIMS est spécialisée dans le Conseil en Stratégie (Management Consulting). Elle compte parmi ses clients des multinationales renommées, ainsi que des sociétés familiales étrangères. Depuis 2017, AIMS a étendu son champ d'actions au développement et au management de projets hi-tech qui apportent des solutions technologiques innovantes aux enjeux environnementaux actuels (pollution atmosphérique, valorisation des déchets) ainsi qu'à la révolution énergétique en cours (énergies renouvelables, mobilité électrique et hybride, carburants alternatifs). Contact:

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Since Autumn 2017 our company is not offering recruitment or executive search services any more and is not associated with the AIMS International network nor maintaining any database of candidates or resumes, retaining the AIMS name for other assignments.

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1) Services dedicated to startups:
- Funding intermediary, Investment Due Diligence (are you investable? are you market ready?),
- Mentoring (how to pitch to a VC and not lose the chance?),
- Advisory and guidance (as board members we’ll make sure the company is on the right tracks; Investors value experience and track record),
- Mediations and negotiations (acting on behalf of your company we can assist you in all the talks with investors so that your interests are protected),
- Talent sourcing (need the right people to scale up your business?),
- Startups professionalisation (if needed we may evaluate founders’ readiness for the next stage of company’s development and handle changes),
- Scale-up and expansion (we can do match-making to deliver a future round),
- Growth-hacking (we can happily assist in deploying portfolio products and services at the relevant corporations through our network).

2) A set of various services dedicated to investors and corporations:
- Deal flow (startup sourcing with global resources and network),
- Due diligence (no time wasting, only investable projects),
- Filtering (hand-crafted opportunities to your company’s investment strategy),
- Digital transformation (we’ll gladly prepare your organisation for the digital world),
- Consulting (market analysis and solutions’ comparison /market opportunity),
- Next round/Exit (we have a vast network abroad and can either help secure another round or an exit),
- Mergers & Acquisitions (outsource the whole M&A process including sourcing, due diligence and strategy coaptation to us, we’ve done it many times and we know how time and resource consuming this is),
- Vertical integration (how? with what technology and which startups? how does it resonate with your corporate strategy?).

3) Services dedicated to the whole relevant ecosystem, including corporations:
- Workshops (why investing in startups? what are the industry trends? how to iterate
your product? where to find partners? where to deploy a PoC and how to validate a business?),
- Panels and keynotes (we’ve publicly talked a million times, why not another one?),
- Consulting (product MVP and its product strategy),
- Branding (we’ll make the product likeable and sellable),
- Mindfulness (did you know that founders’ greatest asset is their mindset? did you know that, at the same time, founders are 7 times more likely to fell under depression, bi-polar disorder and other illnesses that can affect their performance? we’ll gladly undergo trainings for the business owners designed to strengthen their psyche and prepare them for the entrepreneurial world with its ups and downs).

* * *

Other activities:

1. SOFTWARE and IT Solutions are offered by AIMS in cooperation with the TenderHut Group, its SoftwareHut being one of the fastest growing software houses in CEE. Please contact for more information.

2. AIMS RETAIL is offering consumer goods to large retail clients, as well as technology products to Polish and CEE markets. Contact:

3. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS are also a field of AIMS activity, working with investors and operators interested in the Polish Real Estate market. Contact:

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